Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Democratic Fundraising "Scandal" and What It Really Reveals

Clarice Feldman has a piercing article about Democratic fundraiser and admitted felon Norman Hsu. By now, a fair amount of the details are coming out about Hsu's background, including his felony conviction and 15 years as a fugitive. The fact that Democratic politicians take money from such a man is not surprising, not because Democrats are hypocritical about it because Republicans probably do the same thing but just haven't had such a high profile case, most candidates don't have the ability to do any sort of back ground check on a contributor.

But what is more troubling is the fact that a man such as Norman Hsu can have such a high profile, including appearing in news photos--and no one in the law enforcement community can find him!!

Feldman's article does shed light on some suprising coincidences and on has to wonder about the timing, but those are simply allegations without proof. But still...

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