Monday, December 24, 2007

More On Fulham's Failings

In the past few days, I have discussed what I think are Fulham FC's shortcomings, particularly their inability to protect a lead. I have argued that if Fulham, which has had a good bit of luck scoring first, could protect its lead it would be doing much better than 16th on the table. Here is more support for that contention.

In the team stats on the Premier League site, you can select Half-time league which would show the league standings if all the games ended at half-time. Currently, Fulham sits 16th on the table with a record of 2-8-8 for 14 points(that is W-D-L for the American readers, not W-L-D--not that it matters in this case) and a goal differential of -10. If Fulham's games ended at half time, their record would be 7-9-2 and 30 points (and a +5 goal differential), putting them fifth on the table behind only Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, and Arsenal. In short, in the last 45 minutes of the game, Fulham have give up 15 more goals than they have scored in 18 games and lost or tied games they should have won.

So note to the new Fulham manager, who ever that may be--get better at your second half performance.

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Liam said...

Even up to 80 minutes we'd still be top 10.