Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reponse to Bhutto Assassination

Ed Morrisey has a collection of worldwide responses.

That Bhutto was killed is a crime of that there can be no doubt. But the fact that she was assassinated was predicatble and certainly the risk was known to Bhutto. I am not saying she had a death wish, but certainly there were easy signs to read.

1. She was a woman, in a country that is largely Muslim and despite its progressive collective nature, the radical Muslims could not simply abide a woman in power.

2. Bhutto was a small "d" democrat in that she favored the democratic process--again not something that sits well with radical fundamentalist Muslims.

3. She dared to defy the radical Muslims in her own and other countries (oh and show her face while doing do).

Three strikes and your out as far as radical Islam is concerned (not that they would use such a Western expression). As tragic as the incident is, it simply is not without its predictability.

The question remains, how long will the average Pakistani allow radical, fundamentalist Muslims to dictate how things will go in their country?

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