Friday, December 14, 2007

"No Suprises?" Hillary's Campaign Theme Scrapes Bottom of Barrell

Question to Hillary Clinton? Are you really that desperate?

The campaign team that came up with this idea is just plain dumb. Just because she has been a public figure for this long doesn't mean there is not dirt out there. No suprises is the sign of desperation and that is not going to help her poll numbers.

Also, the new tactic of scaring democratic voters by saying the the GOP will play dirty against the eventual nominee is pretty weak. It implies three things: First, that you know dirt exists, which means you have gone out of your way to find it yourself. Second, that by claiming the GOP will use the same dirt implies a belief in a vast right wing conspiracy again. Third, if Clinton gets really desperate in teh last couple of weeks before the first four primaries, she will pull out the dirt.

If she does the latter, it is quite likely that she will do down in flames, if not in the primary, certainly in the general election.

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