Friday, July 25, 2008

DC Teachers Union President George Parker Gets It

But will others:
GEORGE PARKER: The charter school enrollment is increasing. Public school enrollment is decreasing. We are now a competitive school district where student achievement may very well determine our existence.

JOHN MERROW: More than a quarter of D.C.’s school-age children now attend public charter schools, where teachers do not have to belong to the union.

GEORGE PARKER: Normally, unions have not had to contend with any sense of accountability or responsibility for student achievement, and our existence and survival has not depended upon that.

JOHN MERROW: Why hasn’t student achievement been a bread-and-butter issue for teacher unions all along?

GEORGE PARKER: I think that there has been a union paradigm of union and management of, “This is your turf. This is our turf.”
But the question is whether union officials like George Parker will survive in the DC teachers' union where other leaders think Parker is too cozy with Chancellor Michelle Rhee.

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