Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outsourcing Cheating

Now even cheating is being outsourced, read this piece:
We’ve all come across our share of students who take shortcuts to complete assignments and homework, but this shortcut is probably the longest one invented so far - one that crosses seas and continents to take cheating to a whole new level. British students have been caught with their hands in the outsourcing cookie jar, using to their advantage a global phenomenon that works by paying highly-qualified personnel in developing countries to undertake domestic tasks at significantly lower costs.

This new trend, which has been christened “contract cheating”, has education specialists in the United Kingdom in a quandary - they know the crime is being committed but they’re helpless when it comes to identifying the criminals, no thanks to the anonymity offered by the Internet through fake email ids and pseudonym online accounts.
Is this a labor problem for America?

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