Wednesday, July 30, 2008

FC Dallas Confirms Rejection of Cooper Bids

FC Dallas has rejected bids for Kenny Cooper.

Fine, the club should be able to do so. But at this rate, Cooper deserves to get paid more. According to this information, Cooper will make a guaranteed $83,000 this year. My guess is that Cardiff would have probably tripled that salary easy. Six players on FC Dallas make more than Cooper:

Dulio Davino $400,000.00
Juan Carols Toja $150,000.00
Dario Sala $139,875.00
Pablo Richetti $138,625.00
Adrian Serioux $125,900.00
Anthony Wallace $103,000.00

I am not saying these players aren't worth their salary, (Well maybe Wallace, but as a Generation Addidas player, his salary doesn't count toward the cap). Cooper has played all but about 15 mintues of Dallas' 18 games. He has eleven goals and 3 assists. Cooper has himself made 1/3 of all the teams Shots on Goal (he is a striker, but still that is a lot of production).

So if Dallas want to keep Cooper, that is their right. But at the very least, Cooper has earned a payraise. If Dallas makes it to the playoffs, it will have been on teh shoulders of Kenny Cooper and they should reward him accordingly.

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