Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UEFA Earns $394 Million From Euro 2008

That is a hefty chunk of change.
UEFA said turnover during three-week tournament in Austria and Switzerland was US$2.04 billion (€1.3 billion), with more than half the money coming from the sale of broadcasting rights.

At least 155 million people watched each of the 31 matches live on television, UEFA said.

The cost of organizing the event grew from €313 million in 2004 to €600 million (US$943 million).
If TV rights got $1 billion, then UEFA brought in $1 billion in other methods, ticket sales, merchandising, and other revenue stream.

That the tournament was one of the best run, produced events I have seen in a long time helps. But really, it was the quality of the games that got people watching. Now if South Africa can do as good a job, then I think the beautiful game will see an explosion in this country as well.

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