Monday, January 26, 2009

But It's Not Racial In Any Way
FLOTUS's inaugural outfits sent designers to their drafting tables to design knockoffs and droves went to J.Crew to get those snazzy leather green gloves. But not everyone is happy with her choices. The Black Artists Association is chiding FLOTUS for not choosing any African-American designers.

They will send a letter to FLOTUS's office and appeal to her to include items from black designers in her wardrobe. BAA Cofounder Amnau Eele, who was a former runway model told Women's Wear Daily:

"It's fine and good if you want to be all 'Kumbaya' and 'We Are the World' by representing all different countries. But if you are going to have Isabel Toledo do the inauguration dress, and Jason Wu do the evening gown, why not have Kevan Hall, B Michael, Stephen Burrows or any of the other black designers do something too?"

Wu didn't find out Michelle O. was wearing his dress until he saw her on television Tuesday night. And aides said FLOTUS didn't even decide until hours before her big night.
This is going to be a recurring theme throughout the Obama Administration, there are going to be complaints from the black community that Obama is not paying tribute (yes I mean those words) to his blackness.

While I generally don't give a toss as to what or who the First Lady is wearing other than I expect her to represent our country properly in formal functions, I think Mrs. Obama looked good.

Really, is this something we need to be concerned about?

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