Monday, March 02, 2009

Aston Villa Blow Massive Opportunity

After going two goals up with about 15 minutes left to play, Aston Villa took their foot off the gas and allowed Stoke City (Stoke) to score two goals in the final three minutes of play to steal a point at Villa Park.

On Saturday Fulham and Arsenel drew 0-0 and that gave Arsenel 46 points in the league with 11 games remaining in the league. On Sunday, Aston Villa started the day with 51 points. A win would have given Villa an 8 point lead with 11 games to go. Eight points is not an insurmountable lead, but it is tough to make up that many points in 11 games. But by choking (and it is a huge choke), Villa now have a two win lead over Arsenel.

Villa could come back to rue this particular game.

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