Monday, March 09, 2009

Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough Calls Obama Porkulus "Trillion Dollar Trick or Treat"

In this post at Inside Charm City.
President Obama unfortunately has managed to impose his so-called “Stimulus Package” upon the American people. In reality, this massive spending program is designed to bail out deficit-ridden state governments and hopefully provide re-election guarantees to politicians like Governor Martin O’Malley. This pork-laden part of the Obama initiative should be characterized as a “treat” for state politicians, but not the taxpayers.

Maryland was clearly on a path toward spending restraint and sensible fiscal management. The spendaholics in Annapolis were beginning to show signs of addiction recovery. The real reason for their change of heart was the indisputable fact that tax revenues were “in the tank.” Although it was the equivalent of attempting to force feed raw meat to vegetarians, the spendaholics were compelled to change their ways.

At the beginning of January, the Governor glumly announced he was underfunding education by 69 million dollars. Strangely, he made this dire announcement with a big smile. This smile baffled me and others. Then, in February, President Obama masquerading as Santa Claus, raided our grandchildren’s piggy banks and dumped more than 3 billion dollars into O’Malley’s budget crisis. The reason for the smile had been revealed.

Now, Maryland spendaholics are back in business filling every special interests’ wish, ignoring serious financial problems, and insuring their re-election bids.

The politicians received the treat and the people received the trick.
McDonough calls the Obama stimulus money "street cash" for the Democratically controlled General Assembly. He is right, the money will go to ensure re-election, but not long-term health for the state.

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