Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mexico loses to Canada in U-20 World cup Qualifying

That massive groan from South of the Border last night was the entire Mexican nation bemoaning the state of the national team programs. The Mexican club league is by far the best in the CONCACAF region (sorry MLS, but until MLS teams can win in Mexico, that is going to be the truth). The Mexican sides used to be feared on the international level and not just by CONCACAF opponents. But even with a quality league, the Mexican international teams, well---suck and the performances aren't getting any better.

The Mexican senior national team barely qualified for the World Cup qualifying Hexagonal quite literally thanks to other results in their group. The Mexican team got beat in teh U.S. (again). The Mexicans didn't qualify for the 2008 Olympics. Now their U-20 team not only got beat by Canada (not exactly a soccer powerhouse but growing), the Mexican U-20 sits at the bottom of their qualifying group with one game to go. In fact, the Mexicans are eliminated from the competition completely after two two matches in their qualifying group. Mexico lost their opening match 0-1 to Costa Rica and then lost yesterday 0-2 against Canada to sit bottom of the table with zero points. Costa Rica and Trinida & Tobabo each have four points in two games and Canda has three points. Canada will face Costa Rica and Mexico has a chance to spoil the advancement of T&T.

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