Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ceremonial Guard Duty Benefits Sailors

News about my old unit, the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard.

I was already an E-# when I got to the Guard based on my previous college. You might not think $75 a month is a lot of money, but E-3's don't make a lot of cash.

Want to see the Guard in action: Check out these videos

The U.S. Navy Cerermonial Guard Drill Team.

Folding the Flag.


Anonymous said...

My son is now in the C-Guard in DC, and I feel so proud of him and his choice to be there, but also very glad he is given extra money to offset the costs of keeping the uniforms so perfect, as all that comes out of his pocket too, and not free. Shoes, Buckles, Jackets, Covers, and on and on, must be perfect. Thanks for the video, I had not seen this version.

Matt Johnston said...

While the added money is good, unless things have changed, most of the uniforms and supplies that are needed are provided by the Guard itself. For example, the all cotton dress whites are not standard U.S. Navy issue.

I do recall having to buy things like starch myself and a few other supplies, but it is not like I was spending my money otherwise while living in the barracks.