Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'mmmmm Back

I know it has been a long time that I have been posting here regularly. The real world has intruded on my on-line world. I am trying to get back to regular posting, because lots of stuff is going on.

In the soccer world, we have the U.S. Men's National Team playing in the Confederations Cup starting next week, facing Italy, Brazil and Egypt in nine days starting Monday. There is also the Gold Cup coming up which will probably feature some young Americans.

In the education world, the school year is coming to an end and that always starts to make me wonder.

The legal world grinds on but with the Sotomayor confirmation hearings on the horizon, legal challenges to the Chryler and Government Motors bankruptcies or near bankruptcies, and all the other good stuff.

Of course, politics goes on. The socialization of America continues and that is a conern. Life continues and there is never any dearth of fodder for blogging.

I am hoping to get back to regular posting soon.

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