Thursday, June 25, 2009

Really, How To Explain This

Detroit Public Schools, $430 million in deficit, finds it has 257 ghosts on the payroll. Seriously?
The headline at the Detroit Free Press actually uses "ghost" in the headline and the article. That in reference to employees that don't actually do anything, aren't on the payroll, but still get paid. If you're like me, you're asking the same thing - huh? Apparently, as a way to weed out the ghosts in the system, the last DPS pay period was one where every employee had to pick up either a paycheck or a direct deposit slip in person. No exceptions. The result? 257 ghosts haunting DPS, and costing taxpayers almost a quarter of a million dollars every pay period! (this for a district already $430 million in the hole) This shouldn't surprise anyone in Detroit, as there are more registered voters here than residents.

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