Thursday, June 18, 2009

Confederations Cup: USA v. Brazil

Update: 78th Minutes. The U.S. is going to be done on a three and out and the third game will be meaningless unless Egypt beats Italy. Then, there is an outside chance that the U.S. could advance but only by breaking out whopping stick on Egypt and have a five or six goal game and Brazil beat up on Italy. If Italy wins today, the U.S. and Egypt will, for all intents and purposes, be playing a friendly.

Update: 54th Minute. Sasha Kljestan is sent off on a straight red card. This game is essentially over now.

Update: Halftime. Conor Casey in for Beasley. Beasley is done as far as I am concerned for the U.S. National team. He has not had a good performance in at least a year. Can Casey shake things up? I hope so.

Update: 36th Minute. The U.S. are getting played off the pitch. Bob Bradley has not shown an ability to make tactical changes before, will he do so now? I doubt it and that is the problem. The U.S. has had one shot and not on frame.

Twenty minutes into the game, the U.S. is down 2-0.

U.S. starting line-up






I have lots of problems already.

1. Beasley's form recently has been terrible. How on Earth did he get this start.
2. Altidore is not a target striker, never has been, never will be. His talent is facing the goal and going at defenders. If the U.S. wants a target striker, they should have started Connor Casey.
3. This is a defensive set that hopes for a counter. The problem is the U.S. hasn't scored from the run of play for about five months.

It might get ugly.

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