Monday, May 17, 2010

Hull City England, Rubbish Football Team and Rubbish Police

Not that American Thinker would necessarily know this, but Hull City's soccer team was relegated this year after a thoroughly rubbish year. But never one to dwell on such things, the government of Hull City is trying to organize a campaign of neighbors spying on neighbors:
Jeanette Bailey, the Hull City Council's environmental enforcement officer sent a letter to residents under the heading "Don't turn a blind eye to environmental crime in your neighborhood."

The letter warns lawbreakers they will be prosecuted, adding "if you see anyone committing this or anything else you believe may be environmental crime, please complete the enclosed diary sheet or contact us immediately."

But many residents accused the council of going ‘over the top'. Chris Shaw, 37 said: ‘That's what the Hitler Youth were told to do-inform on everybody. I won't be filling in any of their crime sheets or reporting anybody.'
Nice, huh.

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