Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thomas Sowell Getting to the Heart of the Matters Again

Thomas Sowell does it again, gutting the ideas behind some of Obama more innocuous sounding statements (which are really socialism in disguise):
One of the many shallow statements that sound good-- if you don't stop and think about it-- is that "at some point, you have made enough money."

The key word in this statement, made by President Barack Obama recently, is "you." There is nothing wrong with my deciding how much money is enough for me or your deciding how much money is enough for you, but when politicians think that they should be deciding how much money is enough for other people, that is starting down a very slippery slope.

Politicians with the power to determine each citizen's income are no longer public servants. They are public masters.

Are we really so eaten up with envy, or so mesmerized by rhetoric, that we are willing to sacrifice our own freedom by giving politicians the power to decide how much money anybody can make or keep? Of course, that will start only with "the rich," but surely history tells us that it will not end there.


Once you buy the argument that some segment of the citizenry should lose their rights, just because they are envied or resented, you are putting your own rights in jeopardy-- quite aside from undermining any moral basis for respecting anybody's rights. You are opening the floodgates to arbitrary power. And once you open the floodgates, you can't tell the water where to go.

The moral bankruptcy of the notion that third parties can decide when somebody else has "enough" money is matched by its economic illiteracy. The rest of the country is not poorer by the amount of Bill Gates' fortune today and was not poorer by the amount of John D. Rockefeller's fortune a century ago.
Of course, what the President and Congressional Democrats care about is not justice or fairness or individual rights, but collective "social justice" even if it means gutting the nation, the economy and actual freedom.

Social justices and wealth redistribution makes a nation poorer and less capable (and softer for that matter). If you want to see the end result of a wealth redistribution model--look no further than Greece.

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