Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Obama’s race-baiting

Not that we should be surprised, but our first "post-racial" President has absolutely no fear in bringing up the race card when it comes to getting his party re-elected:
Obama Inc. saw the rather mild reinforcement of immigration law in Arizona coming and saw the opening that could create the contrast they want to present. By highlighting a border state’s decision to do what the federal government has refused to do – enforce immigration laws – led by a Republican legislature and Republican governor, they saw the opportunity to paint us as a wild bunch of xenophobes harassing minorities simply for the color of their skin. The rhetoric of the Al Sharptons, Shakiras (incidentally not an American citizen), and myriad angry and dishonest demagogues is over-the-top, phony, and embarrassing.

Obama Inc. saw it coming and so they chose to further incite the Right by having the President record that shameful video in the hopes that we’d call him out for singling out his minority-coalition in the hopes that we’d scream about his bigotry further reinforcing the narrative they see developing out of Arizona.

We cannot and must not take the bait and be conscious not to allow them to define us. And this will be very complicated because as mobs of activists protest in Arizona, the media will portray them as an appropriately outraged oppressed minority expressing their outrage over statutory racism while those Tea Party activists, well they are a violent bunch of white bigots burning crosses and preaching anarchy.

The Arizona law is not about race it is about the Rule of Law. You know the thing that differentiates right from wrong. To the Left, ignoring laws inconvenient to your political coalition is acceptable and the Right must be wise to keep the debate focused on the law and law-breaking.
My hope is that people will start to understand a little better how our current president may have been a uniter to get into office, but has no conscience when it comes to staying in power.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/05/04/obamas-race-baiting/#ixzz0mybae9eT

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