Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Sexuality a Consideration for High Office

Of all the things about Elena Kagan that should be discussed, her sexual orientation is not one of them. I don't give a toss about which team she plays for other than if that team is a liberal activist judge team. But Andrew Sullivan thinks it is relevant and Glynnis MacNicol calls him on it.
It should mean nothing either way (actually, it should probably fall in the realm of personal privacy) but of course it does more so now because Sullivan has turned his high watt internet spotlight on the issue. Add to that the fact that DADT and gay marriage are always hot button political issues and may go before the Supreme Court in the next decade and likely what you have is a story that is not going away. Furthermore, I have to wonder whether Obama has painted himself into a bit of a corner in his attempt not to address it. For a couple of reasons. In yesterday’s announcement of Kagan’s nomination Obama opted to "emphasize biography rather than ideology."
Frankly, I don't give a toss and really, do we need to know who Kagan or Chief Justice Roberts or any one in high office sleeps with at night. I don't really care about Eliot Spitzer sleeping with escorts--so long as he is discreet about it. (The adultery is a problem, but that is a trust and faith issue, not a sex issue).

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