Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obama Hates Interns

Well, technically the Obama Labor Departments hate unpaid interns, but won't tell John Stossel why.

Now, in college I didn't take unpaid internships because I had to have money coming in regularly to pay my living expenses during the summer. But, I was a non-traditional (read returning military) student with different needs. Many of my classmates needed some real world work experience and unpaid internships are the norm.

But I have a question for the Obama Administration and President Obama himself? How many unpaid interns did he have in his Washington and/or Illinois offices? How many unpaid interns work at the Labor Department or the White House proper? Washington, DC quite literally runs on interns, some paid and many unpaid, in order for those students to gain valuable experience and just as importantly, the contacts to further their career.

If an intern is willing to work for free or work for transportation reimbursement (which is pretty common) and the employer gives them work--then what is the problem?

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