Friday, May 13, 2005

NEA Again Screwing Over Members

This little gem from the Education Intelligence Agency, notes that the National Education Association the national teachers union, is sending $2.5 million to the California Teachers Association to oppose ballot initiatives sponsored by Governor Schwarzenegger. According to the EIA, the $2.5 million comes on the heels of the nearly $11 million dollars spent by the NEA opposing ballot initiatives in California since 2000.

Once again, the NEA is spending dues money of teachers without consulting those dues paying members. This just further supports my belief the the NEA and other teachers unions care more about their "political importance" than their members and that unions should not be in teh business of commenting on education policy, but rather stick to their core business of representing union members in contract negotiations.

The NEA can't just stick to money either:

NEA will also take an active hand in the California campaign. The union will publish a list of those who financially support Gov. Schwarzenegger and his various initiatives.

It seems to me that if the California Teachers Association wants to oppose the ballot iniatives, they could (I don't think they should use "mandatory" dues money to do it though). But I fail to see what NEA has to lose in this fight--other than face.

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