Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blog Reviews--2006 Blogging Resolution

One of my blogging resolutions for the upcoming year is to write a review of and hopefully interview the writer of, a blog that I enjoy reading. To be honest, there are no criteria for my blog reviews, save one--I must enjoy reading the blog.

Whether the blog is entertaining, informative, cutting or soft, or all of the above, I hope that I can start to draw the attention my 3 or 4 readers to other blogs I find interesting.

Generally, those blogs that I review will be listed in a separate blog roll to the left. Some are already linked, others will become so as I move forward. I offer nothing to those blogs I review/interview other than a link or two and I receive nothing. The choices of who to interview are mine and mine alone, although I will always ask the interviewee if there is a blog they think I should review/interview.

The format will be generally the same for all reviews/interviews. I will give my assessment of the blog, focusing on those traits I find worthwhile and mentioning those things I would advise the writer to improve on, if only from my viewpoint. The Interview Part comes with the 9 Questions. I will send to the interviewee a series of 9 Questions, some of which will be standard to all interviews, but also including questions that are specific to that blog, topic or person.

For those who will be reading this weekly series, I hope you enjoy. Be sure to read those blogs too. They have something to say, and it is worth reading.

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