Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Too Many People in College?

Hat Tip: Carnival of Education

This week at the Carnival of Education, Half-Sigma argued that too many people are going to college.

My conclusion is that America is overeducating its youth, and we should cut down on the number of people attending college. A good start in this direction would be for the government to stop funding higher education and to cut out the student loan program.

Half Sigma makes a number of daring assertions, so be sure to check it out.

In some respects I think that there are too many people going to college who are fundamentally ill-prepared for college. My evidence, look at the lengthy listings of remdial math and english classes in major colleges and universities and the enrollment in those classes.

I for one believe that college can be the greatest egalitarian institution in our nation. Work hard in high school and you will get into a good college. With all of the programs out there to help people pay for college, there is no reason why a determined, prepared student, regardless of their background cannot succeed.

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