Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brian McBride Deal

Lots of fingerpointing and blame between Chicago and Toronto for the striker. Chicago's technical director Frank Klopas blames Toronto for wanting too much for McBride (really is there too much for a player of McBride caliber and popularity). Reportedly Toronto want Justin Mapp or Wilman Conde in exchange for giving up their McBride rights.

McBride and Blanco will be an exciting combination (and could spell the end to Chicago's recent funk at home). Toyota Park will sell out for the remainder of the season with favorite son McBride's return to the Windy City. Fire jersey sales for McBride will probably outstrip every other jersey except Blanco's combined. Fire owners will make a mint off the two years McBride will probably play. The first game McBride could play for the Fire is the July 19 home game against Real Salt Lake.

Just trade Conde and a couple of reserve players and get McBride into training (he can train with the club now, but just can't play) and then put him in the starting line up on July 19.

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