Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama's Staff Pay

Reports that Obama's female staffers earn, on average, less than his male staffers is complete RUBBISH and should be viewed as nothing more than conservative rabble rousing, and that is hard for me to say as a conservative.

Essentially, what these reporters are doing is comparing female salaries to male salaries, without taking into account the job that is being done. Is Obama's senior staffers, i.e. his Chief of Staff, his Legislative Director, his Press Secretary, men or women? How many of his district staff are woment (district staff tend to be paid less than DC staff for a variety of factors).

You cannot simply add up the salaries earned by female staffers and divide by the number of female staffers and expect to come up with a comparable number. This is the same tactic that other "equal pay" proponents argue about. You have to compare positions, job duties, years of experience etc. If a woman is doing the same job as a man, say Legislative Assistant, and has the same general level of expereince, they should be paid the same. Wihtout knowing anything else, my guess is that they are. Keep in mind that these salaries are a matter of public record. Good luck on proving experience levels.

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