Friday, June 27, 2008

High School Says No to Hats, and I Say Good

Prior Lake High Schools in the Minneapolis area will no longer permit hats or hoods to be worn in school.
Students at Prior Lake High School sometimes hide iPods under hooded sweat shirts to listen to music during class.
They’ll bicker and throw each other’s hats off the school’s interior balconies, or they’ll pull hats low over their eyes to prevent security cameras from identifying them, according to Principal Dave Lund.

That’s why, he said, students will find a new “no head-wear” policy in place when they return to school in September. The Prior Lake-Savage school board approved the policy on Monday as part of the 2008-09 school year’s student handbook.

High schools all over the state, including in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, Lakeville and Apple Valley already ban hats during the school day. Schools say they want to be sure students can be identified on security cameras and want teachers to be able to watch their eyes during tests.

I guess it dates back to my youth, but I find the wearing of a hat indoors a little offensive. There are times when it is acceptable (like a country bar), but most of the time it is impolite. Here is the summary of the policy:
The policy The student handbook for 2008-09 describes the "no headgear" policy during school hours as: " 'Headwear' includes but is not limited to; scarves, baseball caps, headbands, hats, stocking caps, winter headwear, hoods and bandanas. This policy is usually relaxed during Homecoming and Spirit Weeks. Headwear may not be worn or visible unless they are related to religious practice or function, and/or are needed as a matter of health."
It is good that the inmates are no longer running the asylum.

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