Monday, June 30, 2008

Plan B for World Cup 2010

The Sun is reporting that FIFA President Sepp Blatter has hinted that if South Africa don't get their construction and security issues resolved in preparartion for the 2010 World Cup, FIFA might move the tournament to England.

Reports indicate that South Africa is very far behind in their stadium and infrastructure construction plan. Couple that issue with security concerns related to foriegners, you have a perfect brew for taking the World Cup from South Africa (the first time the world's biggest tournament has been held in South Africa) and giving it to England, whose stadium situation is outstanding, with several stadia being perfect for hosting the World Cup matches and the Final at legendary Wembley.

Of course, the interesting side benefit would be that it is highly likely that if the 2010 World Cup is in England, the 2018 World Cup would be in the United States.

Update: Turns out that Blatter never actually said England or anywhere else for that matter. He does have a plan B, but still displays confidence in South Africa's ability to host the biggest tournament in the World. Right now, I don't share his confidence.

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