Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goff on Possible U.S. Call-Ups

Soccer Insider Steven Goff links to Chris Seitz and Drew Moor having joined Danny Szetela to the call-ups for this weekend. Goff also notes that the Chicago Tribune has said that Chicago players John Thorrington, Chris Rolfe and Chad Barrett will be joining the U.S. squad.

After players were released, the following players stayed in camp:

Tim Howard (GK)
Dominic Cervi (GK)
Carlos Bocanegra (D)
Danny Califf (D)
Jay DeMerit (D)
Oguchi Onyewu (D)
Heath Pearce (D)
DaMarcus Beasley (M)
Micahel Bradley (M)
Eddie Lewis (M)
Freddy Adu (F)
Eddie Johnson (F)

My guess is that Bradley will save Tim Howard, who didn't play last weekend with a mild back strain and let either Seitz or Cervi get a cap. I would like to see Cervi personally, if for no other reason than that he has been at camp the whole time and hasn't seen playing time.

Szetela is an offensive minded midfielder as is John Thorrington. Rolfe and Barrett are both strikers.

Goff believes that Chivas and Chicago would provide players since they play tonight. Looking at the Chivas Roster, with Klejstan and Guzan being sent home already, the only other players that Bradley might/should take a look at would be 19-year-old MLS newcomer Jorge Flores, who has lit it up for Chivas this year, with three goals in five games. Flores was the winner of the Sueno MLS, earning a contract through a contest. Flores has two caps with the U-20's. Given Bradley's penchant for looking at journeymen rather than young players to develop, Ante Razov might be in the mix.

From Chicago, I also wouldn't be surprised to see Justin Mapp get a call either.

From the players left, Bradley could feild a pretty good team without the additional call-ups. Another midfielder would probably be needed. I would like to see a diamond midfield with anyone other than Bradley in the holding/withdrawn midfielder and Adu in the attacking midfield. I think that Rolfe/Johnson might complement each other to a certain degree up top.

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