Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Rick Moran is "liveblogging" the Continental Congress that produced the Declaration of Independence. From Rick's site:
Faithful readers of The House will recall that in previous years, my “Liveblogging the Battle of Gettysburg” occupied this site at around this time. Sadly, I have taken that project about as far as possible and declined to involve myself with it this year.But over the last months, several of you have urged me to “liveblog” an historical event using a similar premise – that the internet existed at the time and that I could then link to and comment on the event from the perspective that we were all living it rather than viewing it from afar.You asked for it. You got it. Let’s go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1776 – the day that American Independence was literally willed into existence by the people of the United States through their representatives in the Continental Congress.
Could something as powerful and as profound as that historic meeting, or the Constitutional Convention that generated our Constitution have survived in the world of blogging and independent media?

I am not sure, but Moran's exercise is wonderful writing and scholarship. Seriously, go read it now.

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