Friday, January 02, 2009

I Still Think a Couple of .50 Caliber Machine Guns Would Work Better

But reportedly, the crew of a Greek freighter fought off pirates with water jets.
Crewmen fired high pressure water jets to fight off heavily armed Somali pirates trying to board a Greek oil tanker in the dangerous Gulf of Aden on Friday in the fourth such attack since the start of the year, authorities said.

The pirates in three speedboats and armed with guns and rocket-propelled grenades twice tried to board the Greek-flagged Kriti Episkopi but were scared off when the crew turned fire hoses on them and EU aircraft scrambled from a nearby EU naval flotilla to help, company and Greek government officials said.

The attack came a day after Somali pirates seized an Egyptian cargo ship and its 28 crew in the vast waterway, one of the world's most important sea routes, where incidents have continued after 111 attacks in 2008. A Malaysian military helicopter on Thursday saved an Indian tanker from being hijacked and a French warship thwarted an attack on a Panamanian cargo ship.

The captain of the Kriti Episkopi spotted the speedboats just before 8 a.m. GMT approaching his ship and took evasive action to try to shake them off.
A good make-shift solution, but not as lethal as actual weapons.

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