Friday, August 21, 2009

"Family Friendly" Law Firms

Yale Law Women has named its top 10 family friendly law firms.While these lists are more or less simply a press opportunity for the sponsor, I have always wondered why "family friendly" is really as much as "woman friendly" as anything else. Such a term seems to assume that men don't give a toss about their families or don't consider "family-friendly" as something that men care about.

I for one love the atmosphere at my current firm. So long as my work gets done, taking time to spend with my family is not a problem. Do I need to pick up my daughters from school? No problem. Want to volunteer with my daughter's school? OK.

To be honest, I think more and more firms are realizing that a happy family life means a happy lawyer. A happy family life cannot occur if a lawyer is never at home. A fat paycheck only goes so far.

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