Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Reaction To Healthcare Segment - John Stossel's Take

ABC's John Stossel talks about the reaction to his segment on 20/20 about the Obama health care plan. I thought Stossel was a little too soft, but at least it was informative as to the nature of socialized medicine.

Of course, the crazies on the left are sending in teh hate mail.

Here is my comment to Stossel's post:
I find the reaction of the left amusing. President Obama did for all intents and purposes an informercial about his health care plan on ABC and I didn't hear anything from the Kos-sacks that such a presentation was bad.

Now when the same network runs a 20 minute piece, somehow that is being in the pocket of the insurance companies.

I thought lefties were in support of the Fairness Doctrine? Is that what this was? A fair discussion of two sides of an important issue?

Oh, that's right, liberals only want free speech as long as they are not offended by it or it agrees with their world view.

Good job on the piece and I felt it was a tad too soft.

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