Friday, August 28, 2009

"It's good enough to wear to church, but you can't wear it to school,"

That is what one mother said to ABC News after her son was suspended by the Richmond (Indiana) School District. His offending article of clothing? A profane t-shirt? Nope. A shirt that revealed too much skin? Noooo. Pants worn too low, revealing the boy's underwear? Nay, I say. No, his offense, a plaid shirt. A plaid, button-up, collared shirt at that. John Stossel has more. But this is a problem with too much control at the school levels.

Look, I understand the necessity for a dress code. We don't need 13 year old girls walking around like tarts working the red light district. We don't need high school boys with their pants sagging so low that if they tried to run, they would trip. We certainly don't need vulgar or profane t-shirts. But this school district banned plaid? Plaid?

Seriously, we have gone too far. Sure some plaids may violate fashion sense, but that doesn't make a button up shirt improper.

If the school district wants to impose a school uniform they should do so openly and up front, instead of trying to back door it by imposing some monstrosity of a dress code.

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