Friday, September 18, 2009

The Biggest Lie on Health Reform

Arnold Kling has it and it is not what you would think:
What is misleading about statements (a) - (k) is that each of them referred to a plan that, strictly speaking, does not exist. As far as I know, the Obama Administration never submitted a plan to Congress.
So when Obama refers to "this plan" what does he mean.

Honestly, I can see a massive, if massively stupid, triangulation on the horizon. Congress fails to pass a health care financing overhaul* and then Obama turns around and blames Congress for its ineffectiveness. This would work if A) Republican controlled either chamber or B), the current margins of control were so thin that just a few Democratic defections could make the difference. But neither A or B is present so, that is why such a triangulation move will be stupid.

Equally as stupid will be to blame Republicans or the people for lacking vision. I just don't think that is a recipe for getting re-elected.

* I refuse to call any bill that is passed "health care reform." We don't need to reform our health care--which is excellent given the general health and well-being of people in this country. What is being talked about is the manner in which we PAY for health care and in that area we need a great deal of reform.

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