Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Return of the Weekly Playlist

I love music and I will be honest, I don't have much in the way of any music I won't listen to, at least once. I got an email that said they like the stuff I put up about music, i.e. the reviews etc.

Previously, I would post a weekly playlist of songs that I am listening to on my iPod. I got out of the habit of doing that and I think it would be good to get back into it.

To be honest, I am not in a financial position to spend as much on music as I used to. Many many moons ago, when I was in the Navy, I spent a fair chunk of my paycheck on CDs, many of which were stolen when my house was broken into while in college. Since I was dumb at that point, I had no renter's insurance to cover my loss (about 400 CDs, including rare CDs that I had bought in Europe). So, it is very nice that I can buy whole disks on iTunes without adding to the clutter in my house. I have also gotten in the habit of downloading each week the free iTunes song. It has helped me find some interesting new artists.

Anyway, I hope to begin regularly posting, hopefully on Monday, the week's playlist of 10 songs that for whatever reason have piqued my interest and made the list.

The August 31, 2009 Playlist

1. "The Fixer" by Pearl Jam. This is the first single off their new album.

2. "AFH" by Slackjaw. This is a great song by a now defunct band from the Charlottesville VA area in the late 1990's. You can get their material at iTunes.

3. "Into the Now" by Tesla. A straightforward rock band and song.

4. "The Saints Are Coming" by U2 & Green Day. This is on U2's 18, a greatest hits album and a great song.

5. "Flatbush and Church Revisited" by Vernon Reid & Masque. A raggae tinged instrumental by one of the most talented guitarists around. The album "Other True Self" is a very worthwhile investment if for nothing else than the varied styles on the album.

6. "It's Not My Time" by 3 Doors Down. Are 3DD groundbreaking? No, but they are entertaining and this song is certain one of the hooks they put together so well.

7. "Light Grenades" by Incubus. A fast paced burst from a band that a lot of people don't like, but I think are interesting.

8. "Barracuda (live)" by Heart. Simply Classic.

9. "All Along the Watchtower (live)" by Dave Matthews Band. A live gem of a cover that opens with emotion and ends with nothing but power. I hope Bob Dylan is proud.

10. "In America" by Charlie Daniels Band. A 1980's era, bald faced ode to Patriotism and don't mess with us-ism. Funny how history repeasts itself.

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