Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Weekly Playlist: September 7, 2009

This is the list on my iPod right now for the week. I was in a bit of an escapist mood coming off the Labor Day Weekend.

1. Runaway by 3 Doors Down. A fun song with a really good hook.
2. Escape by Hoobastank. This song includes one of Hoobastank's best guitar riffs that just sits in your head.
3. Escape by Journey. Sensing the theme yet. Sure, it is pure arena rock, but it too has one of Neal Schon's niftiest licks.
4. Flying in Blue Dream by Joe Satriani. By far still my favorite Satriani tune and would easily make my Desert Island Dozen, an escapist piece by far.
5. Cabo Wabo by Van Halen. Classic Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar) tune about Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you have to escape, you might as well have a destination in mind.
6. I Alone by Live. A song from my college days, but I wouldn't necessarily need to be alone on my escape, but I like the song.
7. Come Talk to Me (Live) by Peter Gabriel. Complete with a pre-"Dawson's Creek" Paula Cole on backing vocals, this song opens Gabriel's live recording in Italy on Secret World Live. An etheral song that counter acts a little the I, Alone from Live.
8. Mary Mac by Carbonleaf. A great tune with lots of energy and fast lyrics. I can't imagine how many mistakes this song had.
9. I'm Bad by The Last Vegas. Not really related to the theme, but just a great, simple, guitar heavy song.
10. Adouma by Santana. Just because.

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