Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009 Playlist

I find myself in a pretty good mood, which considering the challenges facing me at work is a tad suprising. So this week's list is positive in tone and includes somethings that are new but more things that are a little older.

1. Reel Around the Sun by Twelve Girls Band. If you liked Riverdance, you will love this cover of one of Riverdance's most recognizable tunes. Twelve Girls Band plays traditional Chinese instruments and does this clearly Irish tune great justice with the music.

2. Beautiful Day by U2. What more do I need to say? It is a beautiful day here in Frederick and this song is simply reflective of my mood and the weather.

3. The Champion in Me by 3 Doors Down. As you can see by my playlists, 3DD is one of my favorite bands. This song, written for the U.S. Olympic team contains positive energy, positive message overlaid on top of a rocking riff and hook. It gets me pumped up a great deal.

4. Summer Song by Joe Satriani. Yes, it is older, yes, it is a tad commercial and yes, it is the end of summer almost autumn, but the song feels summery, feels positive and feels energetic.

5. Zap by Eric Johnson (Live). Johnson is another guitarist who does a great job and this song, one of my favorite of his, is simply fun. Johnson's guitar work is cleaner and sharper than Satriani's and that lends itself to the positive feel a great deal.

6. This is My Song by Carbonleaf. A feel good song, with a feel good hook and very clever lyrics. A sample, "My name is Hope, Luck just ran out/He said he'd return without a doubt/ahh but don't you believe him."

7. Optimistic Thought by Blues Traveler. Enough said. The Lyric:
"And if you need to contemplate
Well here's an optimistic thought
Life I embrace you
I shall honor and disgrace you
Please forgive if I replace you
You see I'm going through some pain
But now I see clearly
And the dawn is coming nearly
And though I'm human and it's early
I swear I'll never forget again"

8. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. For a bunch of boys from Northeast Florida, this classic anthem about Alabama always seemed a little ironic, but Sweet Home Florida doesn't have enough syllables. But still, you can't help but sing along with this one and that is positive.

9. Wonderful by Gary Go. A pop feel good song, catchy lyrics, an almost instant brain hook groove, I just feel, well wonderful, after hearing this song.

10. December 1963 (Oh What a Night) by Return 2 Zero. An a capella band with a great cover of a classic tune. Even with the a capella version, you can feel the energy that flows from the song.

11. Beautiful Girls by Van Halen. Classic Van Halen, fun, flirtatious and peppy. And who doesn't like beautiful girls.

12. Keeping the Faith by Billy Joel. A comfortable song by and about a man who is comfortable with who he is and his past. A celebratory song of the history of a man who realizes that his past has made him who he is today. The song has a serious do-wop beat making it fun to listen to as well.

13. I'm Not Running Anymore by John Mellencamp. Another song by and about a man who has learned to love what he has and celebrate it. I love the lyric about his sons:
Well I got two circus clowns here who like to fight
They got one black eye and a bloody nose
They are the hoodlums of my third wife
Whatever I say they will oppose

14. I Know What I Like by Huey Lewis & the News. I do know what I like and that is fine and fun. Classic, R&B rock song with loads of positive energy.

So there are this week's songs. Going to have to burn this one to CD for the car.

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