Tuesday, February 22, 2005

This Week's Listen-- 3 Doors Down--Seventeen Days

This week, I got back to my roots, so to speak, back to more pure rock. I first got interested in 3 Doors Down a few years ago when I heard them on local radio station DC 101. I very much got into the fairly straight ahead rock music and strong lyrical content with some hints at a military past of at least one of the band members.

Their latest release, Seventeen Days, shows a band going through an evolution into a band with staying power. Although they have gotten stuck in a rut of mid-tempo songs with a faster beat chorus, the songwriting remains strong. The lyrical content of the songs on this CD reflect a more meloncholy mood, which to a certain extent brings the CD down a little from their debut "The Better Life" and their sophmore effort "Away from the Sun." But the subject matter is a little more expansive.

Their first single off the CD, Let Me Go, is a solid effort, but to be honest the bridge just seems out of place in the song, as well as being a little too predictable. Other songs suffer from the same malaise.

For the longest time, I could not place vocalist Brad Arnold's voice in my memory, it sounded like someone else, but I couldn't put my finger on it, unil this CD. In "Landing in London," 3 Doors Down features Detroit rock mainstay Bob Seeger, and I finally had it. At times, Arnold sounds a lot like Seeger. Now when bands bring in singers to feature, I generally look for a singer that serves as a counter to the bands vocalist, but here Seeger does a great job. The song however, is a little more Seeger and 3 Doors Down. I was a little dismayed at that, but the song will no doubt be released as a single in the near future.

One troubling aspect of the CD is that 3DD and Arnold have mistaken volume for passion. There are times when Arnold's voice moves into the scream/sing rather than the singing of past albums, which is too bad, because Arnold can sing well.

On the plus side, I think that the band is growing musically. The texture of the guitars, coupled on occaision with synthesizers and orchestral strings makes the melodies a little more sophisticated. The drum tracks have also gotten better, no disrespect to Brad Arnold (the band's original drummer), but the addition of Daniel Adair is well received.

So finally, my favorite tracks:

"Right Where I Belong" is a rocker to start the CD off. Great guitar work, and great pacing. I love the lyrics and the pure straight ahead rocking style.

"It's Not Me" Normally I don't like second tracks (call it a mind block), but 3 Doors Down has rarely disappointed and in this case again they don't.

"Father's Son" Probably not particularly radio friendly, not that the lyrics need a radio edit, but the story is dark and little worrisome. The story that inspired this song must be interesting.

I would not recommend this CD for first time 3DD listeners, but it is a great peice for a band that could be around for a long while.


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Anonymous said...

3 Doors Discography

The Better Life (2000) [Deluxe Edition]

Track listing

1. "Kryptonite" - 3:56
2. "Loser" - 4:21
3. "Duck and Run" - 3:52
4. "Not Enough" - 3:16
5. "Be Like That" - 4:25
6. "Life of My Own" - 3:59
7. "Better Life" - 3:05
8. "Down Poison" - 4:25
9. "By My Side" - 3:20
10. "Smack" - 2:31
11. "So I Need You" - 3:51

Deluxe Edition Bonus CD

A Deluxe Edition with second disc was released in 2007 and features a live performance recorded at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston, TX.

1. "Duck and Run" 4:42
2. "The Road I'm On" 3:48
3. "Kryptonite" 4:23
4. "Father's Son" 4:32
5. "Better Life" 3:23
6. "Away from the Sun" 4:15
7. "Be Like That" 4:38
8. "Runnin' out of Days" 3:37
9. "Sarah Yellin'" 3:29
10. "It's Not Me" 3:27
11. "When I'm Gone" 4:52
12. "Here Without You" 5:06
13. "Loser" 5:44


Away from the Sun (2002)

Track listing

1. "When I'm Gone" - 4:20
2. "Away from the Sun" - 3:51
3. "The Road I'm On" - 3:59
4. "Ticket to Heaven" - 3:27
5. "Running Out of Days" - 3:31
6. "Here Without You" - 3:57
7. "I Feel You" - 4:07
8. "Dangerous Game" - 3:36
9. "Changes" - 3:56
10. "Going Down in Flames" - 3:28
11. "Sarah Yellin'" - 3:17
12. "This Time" - 5:18 (Bonus Track)


Another 700 Miles (2003)

Track listing

1. "Duck and Run" – 4:35
2. "When I'm Gone" (intro) – 1:18
3. "When I'm Gone" – 4:21
4. "Kryptonite" – 4:14 (Arnold/Harrell/Roberts)
5. "Here without You" – 4:11
6. "It's Not Me" – 3:47
7. "That Smell" – 6:01 (written by Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant) (Originally performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd)


Seventeen Days (2005)

Track listing

1. "Right Where I Belong" – 2:31
2. "It's Not Me" – 3:14
3. "Let Me Go" – 3:52
4. "Be Somebody" – 3:15
5. "Landing in London" (feat. Bob Seger) – 4:31
6. "The Real Life" – 3:52
7. "Behind Those Eyes" – 4:19
8. "Never Will I Break" – 3:50
9. "Father's Son" – 4:12
10. "Live for Today" – 3:47
11. "My World" – 2:55
12. "Here by Me" – 3:47


3 Doors Down (2008)

Track listing

1. "Train" - 3:10
2. "Citizen/Soldier" - 3:52
3. "It's Not My Time" - 4:01
4. "Let Me Be Myself" - 3:48
5. "Pages" - 3:47
6. "It's the Only One You've Got" - 4:23
7. "Give It to Me" - 3:21
8. "These Days" - 3:39
9. "Your Arms Feel Like Home" - 3:44
10. "Runaway" - 3:24
11. "When It's Over" - 4:18
12. "She Don't Want the World" - 4:03

Bonus tracks

1. "Feet in the Water" (Best Buy Exclusive) - 4:34
2. "Who Are You" (Best Buy Exclusive) - 3:08