Thursday, August 02, 2007

Talk About Big Brother

British Police want to get DNA from speeding drivers and litters for a criminal database, according to the Times of London.
The demand for a huge expansion of powers to take DNA comes as a government watchdog announced the first public inquiry into the national DNA database.

There is growing concern among MPs and civil liberties groups about the number of children under 10 and young black men on the database — the biggest in the world. But a number of police forces in England and Wales are backing proposals that would add millions more samples to it.

The Association of Chief Police Officers gave a warning, however, that allowing police to take samples for non-recordable offences — crimes for which offenders cannot be imprisoned — might be perceived as indicative of “the increasing criminalisation of the generally law-abiding public”.
That is not good news for the Brits. A DNA database for felons is one thing, for speeders, it is quite another.

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