Monday, October 01, 2007

It is the Little Things That Matter

Great Story: "Last Wednesday, while flying from Phoenix to the Alamo City on U.S. Airways Flight 207, a San Antonio man, Gil Anderson, witnessed something memorable.

Shortly before takeoff, he overheard a flight attendant tell a young uniformed soldier sitting in front of him: 'A lady in first-class wants to switch seats with you.'
The soldier accepted the offer and walked up to the first-class section.

'When the lady came back to our area, I had a tear in my eye,' Anderson said when he phoned this column soon after his plane landed. 'I gave her a little round of applause.

'Then, by golly, everybody in that area started applauding,' he said in a voice tinged with emotion. 'It was a very moving moment.'

Acknowledging the applause of Anderson and the other passengers, the first-class lady said simply: 'I did it because he deserves it.' "

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