Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maybe Some Should Have Guarded Him A Little Better

over the weekend, in the Dutch soccer league Heerenveen defeated SC Heracles Almelo by a score of 9-0. While the rout was bad enough for the second to last place club Heracles, the embarassment goes far deeper.

What could be worse that losing a professional soccer match by nine goals? Well, allowing one man, Afonso Alves to score three goals within nine minutes in the first half would be pretty bad. But wait, it gets worse, much, much worse. In the second half, Heerenveen scored five goals in 13 minutes.

Oh, no, wait for it!! It really does get worse.

Of the five goals scored in those 13 minutes, four, that is right FOUR of them were scored by Afonso Alves.

Alves scored seven goals in one game. You would have thought that Heracles would have double teamed him or something.

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