Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pundit Calls on Justice Thomas to Recuse Himself from Key Cases

Brent Budowsky argues that Clarence Thomas is too biased against liberal interests to be a effective judge:
The new term has begun for a bitterly divided court in a dangerously divided nation, and the most visible event was a Supreme Court justice using the court’s return as a book promotion to remind the world of his enemies, demons, biases and vendettas.

This is extraordinary and unprecedented.

Justice Clarence Thomas should now recuse himself from any cases involving any litigants who opposed his confirmation, because his attacks on them destroy any pretense of judicial impartiality. This is a man with a chip on his shoulder, axes to grind and scores to settle.
And this is different from the past 16 years how????

Justice Thomas was not likely to support liberal causes before this book came out and he is not likely to do so in the future. Any liberal group appearing before the court has essentially ruled out getting Justice Thomas vote anyway. Nothing has changed.

Get over it Budowsky.

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