Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More on U. of Delaware

Mike Adams of Townhall discusses the U. of Delaware concentration camps masquerading as residence halls.

Those who read this blog can see that my alma mater, the University of Maryland has a red light speech warning from FIRE, but the policies that got U.Md. their red light, while egregious enough, certainly don't rise, or rather, sink, to the level of of its neighbor, the U. of Delaware.

While Adams doesn't particularly add anything new to the mix, Adams is a professor in North Carolina and it does make me sad that he didn't add anything from his personal viewpoint on the matter. Certainly, any publicity on this front is good--if for no other reason than to keep the pressure on Delaware's president Patrick Harker to completely dismantle the program.

Diveristy, while it may be a noble goal, is hardly a foundation for indoctrination. During my time at Maryland, "diversity" was shoved down our throats rather frequently. However, the context was far different in that diversity was founded in having to take courses in non-western culture, which I suppose was harmless enough. And while professors were often decidedly liberal in many cases, the student life bureaucracies did not shove liberal drivel down our throats. Of course, my experience may have been different than those of my classmates since I lived off campus (as a former Navy enlisted man I couldn't stomach living in a dorm with 18 year olds living away from home for the first time).

Of course, the oppression that Delaware seeks to make its residents aware of doesn't apply to U. of Delaware itself. Ironic.

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