Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SCHIP and the Consequences of Choice

Another flaming idiot in Maryland.

Andrew Kujan has turned into the bane of our existence at Red Maryland. Brian Griffiths has already taken on Kujan on this post, but I think I have to throw in a couple of cents.

I have no issue with private schooling, if parents choose that route. I have no issue with parents who choose not to have health care for them or their children (as insane as that decision may be). I have house envy of the Frosts, but they have their home and I have mine. They have made their choices and they should suffer the consequences of their choices.

My problem is that I, as a taxpayer, should not have to subsidize their choices. Maybe the kids are on a scholarship to that private school, I don't know. But you have to question the prioritization of spending in a family of six, with four kids in private school, a huge house in a tony Baltimore neighborhood and no health insurance.

The political issue of SCHIP is that the Democrats and Kujan by extension, want to expand it beyond its original scope. The program was designed from the start to cover poor children, those living at or below the federal poverty line. It was not intended to cover their parents, it was not intended to cover a family of six with apparently considerable resources (as evidenced by a large house and private education). It was for poor people who had no other means of obtaining health care for their kids.

The real issue is that people make choices and those choices carry consequences. The government should not be in the business of cushioning those people who make choices and then desire protection from the consequences.

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