Friday, October 19, 2007

A Truly Lost Generataion

Philip Mella on the Portland Maine birth control pill controversy:
This decision has achieved what most of us would have found impossible, which is a rare combination of a collective abdication of moral responsibility and a cynical endorsement of the presupposition that children are immune from ethical imprinting. We don't need psychologists to tell us that eleven year old children are emotionally unformed and fragile souls whose moral immaturity and compromised judgment can conspire to cause them indelible pain and suffering. Yet this decision puts them in the wholly untenable position of encouraging an act for which many adults are emotionally unfit.

We must wonder why the liberals, who are champions of this kind of stupidity, suppose that those 'victimized' by the sub-prime housing debacle aren't truly capable of making an informed decision, but insist that children have the maturity to decide whether or not it's wise to engage in sexual intercourse.
Hmmm! Good point.

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