Monday, June 02, 2008

USA Roster for Spain Match

Donovan still injured. Here are my thoughts for the starting line-up.

In Goal, start Howard then sub in Cervi--he deserves as much a shot as Guzan. Honestly, Guzan didn't play poorly last week, and I don't see any reason not to play any pairing here, but Bob Bradley should play a keeper in each half.

Back line--let's see what others can do. Sit Onyewu, Hejduk and Cherundolo. DeMerit and Boca in the middle and Califf and Pearce on the outside.

Midfield, Eddie Lewis earned a starting slot after last week. Rest Beasley until about 60 minutes in and then give him some playing time. Put Bradley and Mastoeni in the middle and Adu on the other wing. I would like to see what an Edu/Bradley/Adu/Beasley line would do as well. Lots of pace there, but not much age or leadership.

Strikers--I only care about Dempsey--I need him to show the world what he can do. Hell No on Wolff. That leaves either Johnson or Jacqua. I would like to Jacqua get a shot, but it is a toss-up.

That is if it is a 4-4-2. I would like to see a 4-5-1, but more on that later.

Really, the line up doesn't matter so long as the U.S. operates with a chip on their shoulders and plays they butt off. I can take a loss to Spain if we are out played, but if the U.S. plays Wednesday like they did last week, we are wasting everyone's time.

Spain is using this as a final tune-up for the Euros so they will probably start their top guns and then sub liberally.

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