Monday, October 13, 2008

The Company Obama Keeps

Perhaps I am just too stuck on the whole Bill Ayers thing. But I just think it is important to note that Obama's association with a former(?) domestic terrorist is not just bad form, but indicative of a potential president who has little concern for the rule of law.

But, as I said, I am willing to give Bill Ayers the benefit of the doubt of reforming from his old violent ways. But I am not willing to give him a pass on his efforts to turn our public schools into dens of socialist/communist/anarchist learning:
But Ayers' distant past isn't the only reason to distrust him. He has a present, as well - and Obama is a part of it.

The two of them have worked hard to radicalize Chicago's public schools.

Ayers' work funding radical "education" groups in Chicago came just in the last 12 years. And he teamed up directly with Obama on that.

As The Wall Street Journal has reported, Ayers and Obama worked for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. "CAC translated Mr. Ayers' radicalism into practice," notes the Journal. "It required schools to affiliate with 'external partners' " for their funding.

"Proposals from groups focused on math/science achievement were turned down. Instead, CAC disbursed money through various far-left community organizers," such as ACORN.

Ayers seemed to envision schools as "sites of resistance" and for teaching kids to oppose "oppression," with a focus on America's evil and racist past - and an eye toward "social transformation."

This is the swamp in which Obama operated: The Journal notes that Obama was chairman of the CAC board, which handled fiscal matters.

All told, Ayers and Obama won more than $150 million to ladle out.

McCain, to be sure, has never accused Obama of sharing Ayers' terrorist views.

He's merely questioned the Democrat's judgment in having worked with Ayers - and having launched his political career from the ex-terrorist's living room.

It's a fair point. (Emphasis added)
Yes, the highlighted section is a little squishy ("seemed to") but to be honest, it is not far off the mark.

Will Ayers be the Secretary of Education under Obama? Well, to be honest probably not since even the Democratic Senate under Harry Reid would have a pretty hard time choking down the nomination of a man with Ayers' past. But I wouldn't be too surprised to see an Ayers educational diciple in the role and it would seem that given the closeness of the relationship that Ayers would have a role in federal education policy.

I have pretty strong opinions about how public schools are operated, but while I have generally griped, groaned and belittled teh notion of turning our schools into social service centers, I will tell you this, if anything like Ayers' espouses becomes federal policy (which is enforced by the taking of Title I money) you can be assured that I will work three jobs if I have to in order to send my girls to a quality private school. I want my children to be educated, not indoctrinated.

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