Tuesday, October 14, 2008

US MNT Call-Ups

Ives is reporting that forward Robbie Rodgers and midfielder Pablo Mastroeni receved injuries over the weekend and will be replaced by Chicago Fire's Chris Rolfe and Columus Crew's (and DC United Alum) Brian Carroll.

Rodgers wasn't likely to get the start but probably could have gotten a few minutes.

Mastroeni was likely to start at holding midfielder and this puts Bob Bradley in a bit of a quandry. Ives thinks Danny Szetela is likely to get a start and that makes since given that Szetela has been getting loads of minutes in Serie B. However, I think that Bradley will move to something looking like this:






Okay, this lineup is still young and it looks a little odd, but Bob Bradley gave us this look a bit during the Cuba match when Torres first came in. But this set-up is a more likely tactical look, with Beasley playing a little more withdrawn, kind of like an outside defensive midfielder since he is more defensive minded than Torres. Beasley will still be able to bomb up and down the left flank and get into the attack. With the kind of emphasis on the right side, you are likely to see Torres move into the attack a little more and pair with Adu to feed Altidore. Torres has the pace and control to make that happen.

I think the look has potential and it could be very entertaining. Also note that only Kljestan and Hejduk are MLS players and Kljestan probably only for this year before he moves to the next step in his career in Europe, probably in the Netherlands.

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