Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pelosi says $150B economic stimulus plan needed - Yahoo! News


Speaker Nancy Pelosi says another $150B economic stimulus plan is needed. You have got to be kidding me!!!

The economic stimulat package that gave checks of $600-$1200 checks plus extras for kids to Americans happened earlier this year. Congress has since passed a $700 Billion bailout package--with nary a thought of how to pay for it and now we are being told that Congress wants to spend another $150 billion for another "stimulus" package. By my count, Congress has spent in excess of $1 TRILLION DOLLARS on helping people out with absolutely no idea of how such largess will be paid for.

If this passes, what the hell do I tell my children when they and I are suffering under an intolerable federal tax burden?

What will happen if the economic "crisis" which has been in part manufactured by the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, doesn't end with this new stimulus package?

This has got to stop!!!!

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